Frequently asked question
What do I need to open account?
For private account opening you will need passport or ID and proof of address. For business account you will also need company documents and details about your activities.
If I have account in GBP can I pay out Euros?
Yes, you will need to do currency exchange transaction and then transfer necessary amount.
What does status Verified means?
Once you provided all necessary information and documents your account status is Verified until on boarding process is finished, then it will be changed to Approved.
I expect to receive bigger amount than usual to my account, do I need to inform?
To process payment quickly we recommend that you contact support in advance and present documents related to the bigger amount.
Is there a quick option to open business account?
Yes, but account opening fee will be bigger.
I am expecting to receive incoming payment, when I will see it in my internet banking system?
Usually you will see it next business day.
I have changed my cell phone number, how to update in in the system?
To update mobile phone number you need to contact support.
How fast can I open an account?
Private account we usually open in 1 business day after verification of the client. Business account - within 2 weeks if it is usual services, and if urgent documents verification been requested it ca be done in 2 business days.