Customer oriented services
In the centre of our Strategy for future development is always our Customer. We value each customer and do all and any step to eliminate any risk. Sales and Compliance sometimes have different views, but the aim is the same to make Customer satisfied.When we develop new feature we think about the Customer and their potential benefit of using it. Right product at the right time - we believe in these words.
Advanced technology
The world around us is changing very quickly, not long ago internet-bank was a new feature, today it is a must for global business transactions. We look farther and believe that new technology and solutions can make any aspect of our lives easier. Bedford Pay continue to invest in technology development and education with one simple idea to deliver great products to great Customers.
Great Team
Without the right people any product or services, is just nothing. Story of any successful product is always related to great team behind it. We highly value all our employees, associates and partners. Without all these people nothing would be done.Our secret of success is simple - Great team.
Who Are We

Bedford Pay is quickly growing money remittance company, who provides modern technical solutions for the clients to meet their money transfer needs.

Bedford pay strategy is aimed to provide high quality banking services with the help of modern technology. Technology in finance playing important role, our company proud to be called both technology company and financial company at the same time.

Why Choose Us?
Simple to use payment platform with advanced features
When we talk about Banks we think about something very complicated. Bedford Pay provides core banking services - payments, in most simple way.
Modern FinTech technology
We use modern technology to provide clear and simple solutions to our Clients. Platform allows to grow and apply new features as they appear and become demanded.
When talking about money, highest standards of security is a must. All Clients’ funds are 100% liquid and always available. Connection to the system and payments verification are secured with 2 factor authentication.